Saturday, 23 July 2011

School is Cool Poster Competition

Here is a sneak peak at some of the posters Room 39 entered into the School is Cool poster competition.  Do you agree with these students' reasons why they think school is cool.  Do you think they have a chance of winning?

Mitchell thinks school is cool because we follow the STARS.

Anthony knows that New Zealand schools are cool because of the people.

A variety of sporting opportunities makes school cool for Jasmine.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Squash and Ten Pin

Room 39 won the Tanekaha class competition for Term Two.  Our reward for being the top class was to play squash and have a game of ten pin bowling on the last day of the term.  We walked to our venues and the rain held off.  A great time was had by all...

Isabella and Arna chase the ball around the court.

Mitchell and Brodie focus on the ball.

Arna, Brittany, Jannelle and Isabella

Anthony serves in style

Check out Brittany celebrating her 'strike'.  She had the highest score for the day!  Well Done, Brittany:)

Science Fair 2011

What a lot of hard work and commitment from Room 39.  We completed our well-presented Science Fair experiments and Technology inventions to the school and parents in Term 2 - Week 11.  Far out, Kelsey won a bronze medal for her Science Fair experiment about the durability of nail polish. Check her board out below. Congratulations Kelsey!  All your hard work, fair tests and repeats paid off:)

Check out the bronze medal on the top left of Kelsey's board.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

School Production 2011

Stevie-Lee, Kelsey, Karah, Chelsea and Nathaniel were all in the production this year.  They all worked very hard and their performance was great.  Can you spot them in the video below?

Click on the video then hit the space bar to get this video to play.

Kelsey, Stevie-Lee, Chelsea, Karah and Nathaniel

Ready for the stage...

The Queen's guards!

Friday, 15 July 2011

School Is Cool Animation

Here is another animation for the School is Cool competition.  Do you think it is good enough to win?

Ebony Dreams Productions - Jannelle, Karah and Jarrod

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Fairy Tales

       Learning Intention:  
  • I am learning how to ask questions in order to find out more information about a story character.
       Success Criteria:
  • I ask questions using key words and phrases from the text as well as the seven servants.
  • My questions are relevant to the text and probe for more information.

    Room 39 wrote questions to ask fairy tale characters and then asked the characters their questions to find out more about their chosen fairy tale character.  Here is one of the interviews! 

    In this video Logan is interviewing Jasmine as Grandma from 'Little Red Riding Hood'.

    Cross Country 2011

    On Friday 1st July every one at Tauranga Intermediate competed in our 2011 Cross Country. Tanekaha came 10th overall but at least we tried our hardest and here are some of the pictures of us running!

    Saturday, 2 July 2011

    Tagging Inquiry Winners

    Way back in Term One, our inquiry was based on how tagging impacts the community.  We had a competition to see which group of three in each class in Tanekaha could present their learning in an interesting way.  The winners were GROUP 2 FROM ROOM 39 (Stevie-Lee, Brodie and Louis). This is what they did.

    I was so impressed with this group and their perseverance.  They showed resilience and kept going regardless of the problems they were faced with.  I am proud of each of you!

    Mrs Hulbert :)

    Friday, 1 July 2011

    Cup Stacking

    Today Nathaniel showed us his speed when cup stacking.  View the video below...