Friday, 16 September 2011

Thunder and Lightning Poem - Sensory Language

In Room 39 we have been lea rning how to use sensory language to help create images in the readers mind.  

Thunder and Lightning

Rain crashes in gigantic mud puddles,

Winds sweep away smashed garden ornaments,

Gurgling water whooshes down overflowing drains,

Claps of thunder rattled the backyard, 

The piercing of thunder cracks open windows,

"Thud", bricks hit the ground,

"Snap", branches fall into a rumbling stream,

Doors slam back into place,

A dog whimpers, jumping into it's kennel,

Children screech as they run for the house, 

While roof tiles fly off the roof and smash into a million pieces.

By Caitlin Moore

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Quartz and Crystals

Over the last two weeks  students in Room 39 have been deeply fascinated in quartz, crystals and other precious stones. A number of students, and even Mrs Hulbert, have brought their collections into class and have expressed their interest in rocks and minerals.  Because of our interest in gems, rocks and minerals, we will be finding out more about them and write information reports.  Keep visiting our blog to find out more!


In Week 5 Term 3, four people from Room 39 went to compete in the national sporting competition, NZCT AIMS Games.
Caitlin competed in the ‘Girls 11 a-side Hockey’. Thanks to her team coach Mrs. Flynn and manager Adele, the team placed 4th out of 24 teams. TIS Girls 1st 11 A Hockey team team won 4 games, drew 1 game and lost 3 games.
Mitchell competed in the ‘Boys 11 a-side Hockey’. Thanks to his team coach Mr. Plummer, the team placed 8th out of 16 teams.
Karah competed in the ‘Women's Flyers Artistic Gymnastics and Trampoline’. Trampoline is competed on a double mini tramp. When she competed on Tuesday in the trampoline event, she got 1st in the team event and got 2nd overall individually. She used a variety of positions such as seat, half turn, front drop, back drop, tuck jump, straddle jump and straight jump.
Kelsey competed in the ‘Rhythmic Gymnastics’. Rhythmic Gymnastics is a mix between dance and ballet. There are 5 different apparatus in Rhythmic. These include ball, rope, ribbon, clubs and hoops. These apparatus are all hand-held. She came 2nd individually overall with a score of 49.4 only 0.9 away from winning. 
Next year the NZCT AIMS Games is going international. We wish all competitors well, and hope that T.I.S will keep the winning title for the 9th year in a row!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Bay of Plenty Times Article

******************Check this out!  We made news in the  Bay of Plenty Times******************

NZCT Aims Games Green Team 2011

On the 2nd Wednesday of the Term 2 holidays, 6 students (Brittany, Jasmine, Alia, Jardine, Anthony and Jacob) went to Baypark Stadium to the launch of the ‘Love New Zealand campaign’. This campaign was kicked off by Nick Smith, Minister for the Environment, speaking. 

Last year at the NZCT AIMS games the bins weren’t manned and food scraps, plastics, aluminum cans, all got contaminated and mixed together so all of it couldn’t be recycled. We made sure this time everything went into the correct bins. 
The Green Team’s job was to separate the waste and the recyclables. We also went looking at the grounds to see if there were any rubbish on the ground.
Sixteen environmental ambassadors from Tauranga Intermediate were stationed at four AIMS Games sporting venues across the Western Bay to promote recycling.
As part of the Love NZ waste minimisation initiative, Tauranga City Council has provided dozens of recycling bins at the NZCT AIMS Games cross country, rugby sevens, netball and football venues for the duration of the week-long tournament.

During the week, in total 1200kg of waste was collected by the Green Team. Out of that 233kg was recycled and 21% was saved from going to the land fill.

Video Makes Finalists

Last team a group called BAM studios which stands for Byron, Anthony and Mitchell made an animation about why school is cool. We entered the animation into a nationwide competition and made it in to the top 20 videos in New Zealand. Sadly we did not win the 5 Ipad prize.

The video is about three kids that do not take their school in the comic world seriously. They are expelled and have to go to the real world. At their real world school they have lots of fun. In the end they start liking school, so therefore their teacher from the comic world comes to the real world to take them back to the comic world and they live happily ever after.