Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My Creative Writing Story-The old Suitcase

The Old Suitcase-Creative writing story.

I feel worn out like no-one wants me anymore.
I have traveled to many different places, The last time i traveled was in 1996 to Paris with a lady named Garcia she's Spanish but she knows a lot of French. She didn't talk much she just wrote all her thoughts into a book. By the time we left Paris to come home i was full of nice clothes that sparkled in the sunlight nothing i had ever seen before.

Im moving! with a young man named Carl he was usually called sir i dont know why but oh well.
Woah! what a bumpy ride we just got off a plane i dont know were we are but it seems suspicious.
He's wearing a funny looking suit it looks a bit like an army suit im scared im not sure if i want to be here right now, Whats that? i hear gun shots in the distance then i hear Carls voice.

Carl came back to the shelter grabed me and left where are we going? we took the first flight home.
Why did we leave? What happend? So many questions i need the answer to.
Im glad were back home but that was the best adventure yet and im never going to forget it.

By Eden

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

St John Competitions

Last weekend I went to Gisborne to go to Competitions for St John.
We left Tauranga at 5pm and got to Gisborne at  11:30pm, I was exhausted.  Before we got to Gisborne we stopped in Opotiki for dinner. When we got to Gisborne we had to unload the bus and put our beds in the hall we were going to stay in. We went to bed around 12am and woke up at 6am on Saturday morning. We had to wear our St John uniforms for the competitions. At competitions the seniors went first then intermediates then lastly the juniors.
We did: 
Caregivers - which is when you have to look after a old person that is about to die     (the person is not actually about to die)   
First aid - which is when you have to dress a sore and bandage it up.
Basic life support - which is when you have to do CPR on a Dummy and make sure people are ok.
Drill - which is when you have to march and do turns, right wheels, left wheels and lots of other things.

There were 5 Divisions at Competition:

  • Welcome Bay Division ( my Division )
  • Otumoetai Division 
  • Tauranga Division 
  • Gisborne Division
  • Whakatane Division.

The funny part of going to competitions was me and Sarah mucked up on drill it was funny because when we were doing a right wheel Sarah went left and I went right and when we did our right dress, Sarah put her left arm up instead of just standing still.
At competitions my partner Sarah and I came third in Intermediate pairs tests and we won a bronze medal.

My partner: Sarah MacKenzie - Kahikatea House 

By Eden 


Me and Jackson at the Mount Golf Club with our bronze medals.
On the 10th of September the AIMS games golf tournament kicked off at Omokoroa golf club. We played four rounds of 18 holes in four days. The courses that we played were Omokoroa, Omanu, Tauranga and Mount Maunganui. Tauranga Intermediate came third in the team stableford behind Mount Maunganui and Matamata Intermediate. Also Jackson from Totara came third in the Individual stabelford. For those people that don't know how stableford works, it goes like this. If the course par is 70 and your handicap is 30 then you should be hitting 100 and under. Your handicap starts at 36 and as you get better it will get lower.

By Matthew

Monday, 17 September 2012

Aims Rugby 7's GREEN TEAM

The Green Team traveled to Greerton Marist on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday last week to recycle as much waste as possible. Each morning we set up our recycling stations and walked around the club grounds collecting litter. Waste Watchers are a business focused on environmental, social, economic and cultural responsibility and they co-operated with Tauranga City Council to organise the Green Team. There were other Green Teams around various AIMS venues but our job was to educate the public at the rugby sevens. 

We were all given bright green recycling t-shirts to wear while working and we got to keep them. Our aim was to divert 40% of waste from the landfill. The Green Team collected lots of food scraps (60kg) which were taken to feed chickens and pigs.  We also reached our goal of diverting 40% of waste from landfill.  We definitely had more recycling bags than waste.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Inquiry Olympic Opening

Last week Tanekaha had a Olympic open day for parents to come see Tanekahas Olympic work. Here are some pictures of Room 39 presenting their work.

3D Shapes

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