Thursday, 30 June 2011

School is Cool Animations

For the last few weeks Room 39 have been creating animations to show why school is cool.  Check out the groups that have finished.  It was down to the wire, but these groups finished by the deadline and have now entered their animated clips into a competition.  A huge thanks to Mrs Mills who helped us with the technical bits at the end!

This video was created by NHR Productions - Naveen, Harrison and Rooney:)

This video was created by BAM Studios - Byron, Anthony and Mitchell:)

This video was created by LOL Studios - Jasmine, Stevie-Lee and Kelsey:)

This video was created by Green Fire Studios - Marius, Louis and Brodie:)

This video was created by Group 2 - Brittany-Lee, Isabella and Caitlin:)


  1. Great animations and I had lots of fun making them.

  2. Arna NORTHCOTT30 June 2011 at 14:14

    Cool animations and i had fun making them. thanks Mrs H.

  3. Fantastic work guys. You have given Room 32 some great inspiration.

    Mr T.

  4. These were all great ...... If I were a judge in the competition I would vote for the animation from Bam Studios .... excellent work

  5. These are awesome guys and girls! Thanks for giving me some inspiration! What I like the most about them is that these are all original (not a Google Image to be seen!) I can't wait to see what you will create next!

  6. Fantastic work Room 39. We are about to do animations in Miro House and you have given us some excellent examples. We may even call on your expertise to help us.

  7. Well done Room 39 and Mrs Hulbert. I have thoroughly enjoyed viewing all of your animations! School is cool G! I look forward to discussing these with you and learning how you created them.

  8. anthony FRASER4 July 2011 at 12:11

    Great animations I really like that BAM studios one, that was great.

  9. i loved the nhr productions great work