Friday, 16 September 2011

Thunder and Lightning Poem - Sensory Language

In Room 39 we have been lea rning how to use sensory language to help create images in the readers mind.  

Thunder and Lightning

Rain crashes in gigantic mud puddles,

Winds sweep away smashed garden ornaments,

Gurgling water whooshes down overflowing drains,

Claps of thunder rattled the backyard, 

The piercing of thunder cracks open windows,

"Thud", bricks hit the ground,

"Snap", branches fall into a rumbling stream,

Doors slam back into place,

A dog whimpers, jumping into it's kennel,

Children screech as they run for the house, 

While roof tiles fly off the roof and smash into a million pieces.

By Caitlin Moore


  1. Great use of descriptive language Caitlin!

  2. Caitlin love the descriptive writing