Friday, 10 August 2012

Writing Story Starters

We have made some story starters using Puppet Pals on the iPADs.  These are to be used as motivational hooks for sustained silent writing.   Students will finish writing the stories.  Maybe you would like to write a story using one of our story starters and share your story with our class.

Oprah's Christmas Special
by Mrs Mills and Mrs Hulbert

Cinderella and Pinky Pork
by Ayla and Shari

The Dungeon, The Pig and The Evil Wizard
by Nelly and Tiana

Zombie Attack
by Tye and Keesey

The Mystery Package
by Jahz and Shirece

The Pig and The Alien
by Skye and Freedom

Fat Albert and Bob Jones
By Jhai and Zavier

President Capture
by Matthew and Ollie

1 comment:

  1. Well done for your first attempt using Puppet Pals Rm 39. I loved the way you all changed your voices to suit your characters. I'd like to read some of the narratives you write based on these. Are you planning on sharing any on the blog?