Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My Creative Writing Story-The old Suitcase

The Old Suitcase-Creative writing story.

I feel worn out like no-one wants me anymore.
I have traveled to many different places, The last time i traveled was in 1996 to Paris with a lady named Garcia she's Spanish but she knows a lot of French. She didn't talk much she just wrote all her thoughts into a book. By the time we left Paris to come home i was full of nice clothes that sparkled in the sunlight nothing i had ever seen before.

Im moving! with a young man named Carl he was usually called sir i dont know why but oh well.
Woah! what a bumpy ride we just got off a plane i dont know were we are but it seems suspicious.
He's wearing a funny looking suit it looks a bit like an army suit im scared im not sure if i want to be here right now, Whats that? i hear gun shots in the distance then i hear Carls voice.

Carl came back to the shelter grabed me and left where are we going? we took the first flight home.
Why did we leave? What happend? So many questions i need the answer to.
Im glad were back home but that was the best adventure yet and im never going to forget it.

By Eden

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