Wednesday, 19 September 2012

St John Competitions

Last weekend I went to Gisborne to go to Competitions for St John.
We left Tauranga at 5pm and got to Gisborne at  11:30pm, I was exhausted.  Before we got to Gisborne we stopped in Opotiki for dinner. When we got to Gisborne we had to unload the bus and put our beds in the hall we were going to stay in. We went to bed around 12am and woke up at 6am on Saturday morning. We had to wear our St John uniforms for the competitions. At competitions the seniors went first then intermediates then lastly the juniors.
We did: 
Caregivers - which is when you have to look after a old person that is about to die     (the person is not actually about to die)   
First aid - which is when you have to dress a sore and bandage it up.
Basic life support - which is when you have to do CPR on a Dummy and make sure people are ok.
Drill - which is when you have to march and do turns, right wheels, left wheels and lots of other things.

There were 5 Divisions at Competition:

  • Welcome Bay Division ( my Division )
  • Otumoetai Division 
  • Tauranga Division 
  • Gisborne Division
  • Whakatane Division.

The funny part of going to competitions was me and Sarah mucked up on drill it was funny because when we were doing a right wheel Sarah went left and I went right and when we did our right dress, Sarah put her left arm up instead of just standing still.
At competitions my partner Sarah and I came third in Intermediate pairs tests and we won a bronze medal.

My partner: Sarah MacKenzie - Kahikatea House 

By Eden 

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