Monday, 17 September 2012

Aims Rugby 7's GREEN TEAM

The Green Team traveled to Greerton Marist on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday last week to recycle as much waste as possible. Each morning we set up our recycling stations and walked around the club grounds collecting litter. Waste Watchers are a business focused on environmental, social, economic and cultural responsibility and they co-operated with Tauranga City Council to organise the Green Team. There were other Green Teams around various AIMS venues but our job was to educate the public at the rugby sevens. 

We were all given bright green recycling t-shirts to wear while working and we got to keep them. Our aim was to divert 40% of waste from the landfill. The Green Team collected lots of food scraps (60kg) which were taken to feed chickens and pigs.  We also reached our goal of diverting 40% of waste from landfill.  We definitely had more recycling bags than waste.

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